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Black Lotus Books Publishing

Who We Are

Black Lotus Books Publishing was founded to help authors of taboo romance, erotica, and dark fantasy make their creative works a success. Our goal is to put quality taboo literature in the hands of readers who want it.

Our Mission

We understand the unique difficulty in publishing and selling taboo literature. As it stands, many of the major online platforms and mainstream booksellers have strict guidelines prohibiting the sale of taboo content. Even the most lenient of the self-publishing platforms, Smashwords, discourages content depicting non-consensual sexual acts and sexual slavery.

Every day, another hard-working author finds their taboo story flagged for inappropriate content. In many cases, these taboo authors and their work are banned outright.

Black Lotus Books Publishing wholly supports your human right to free speech. We believe you have the right as the creator of your fictional universe, to weave your words as you see fit. Our content guidelines are perhaps the most liberal in the publishing industry. Not only will we celebrate and promote your books, we’ll fight to keep them available in bookstores around the globe.

Self-published authors have it hard enough trying to make their publishing dreams a reality. Self-published authors of taboo stories have it far worse. Not only do the major retailers discourage taboo content, the market for taboo literature is far smaller than the mainstream.

Black Lotus Books understands the uniqueness of the situation, and the inherent difficulty in finding an audience for your taboo stories. For these reasons, we staff a team of world-class marketing specialists to help ensure our authors’ taboo books get found by their target audience.

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