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Indie Authors Can Sell taboo eBooks with Us!

You don’t have to be a Black Lotus Books author to take advantage of our online bookstore’s hard-won marketing efforts. Black Lotus Books was founded to help authors of taboo romance, erotica, and dark fantasy get their stories out into the world; whether or not they want to publish with us. That means providing a selling platform to authors of taboo material; a platform that puts taboo eBooks in front of the appropriate audience. Independent authors are absolutely welcome to list sell taboo eBooks in our store.

We do ask that your taboo eBook meet two very simple requirements.

Your Book Must Contain Taboo Content

Black Lotus Books has perhaps the most liberal content guidelines of any traditional publisher. We allow just about everything, so long as sexual depictions do not involve characters under 18 years old. We welcome you to review our content guidelines and restrictions.

Because we are a traditional publisher specializing in taboo content, we do ask that your eBook contain some amount of taboo material. Some examples might include: age differences (excluding pedophilia), anal sex, bestiality, blood or blood play, BDSM, breeding, cannibalism, choking, dubious consent or rape, exhibition and voyeurism, foot fetish, furries, gratuitous gore, group sex, incest, infidelity, interracial sex, lactation, LGBTQ relationships and sex, masturbation, necrophilia, oral sex, sadomasochism, tentacles, watersports and feces, and pretty much any miscellaneous fetish you can think of.

While we do ask that your eBook contain something of a taboo nature, your book does not have to have taboo material as the theme. For example, a dark fantasy that contains a great deal of blood and gore would qualify as taboo.

Second – Your Book Must Be Good

We fully intend to keep the Black Lotus Books brand synonymous with quality taboo literature. Even though we’re just listing your eBook for sale, and not publishing it ourselves, one of our editors will still be reading your book and checking it for quality. If you’ve got a good story, we’ll approve it! If we find too many errors, we’ll send them to you, and ask that you correct them before we list it in our bookstore.

We recommend taking advantage of what is essentially a free proofreading service. If your book has a lot of errors, and is already being sold online elsewhere, you may want to re-upload a corrected version as a new edition; especially if your taboo eBook isn’t selling well on those platforms. It could be that your errors have been turning readers away unknowingly.

We Can Provide You a Book Cover

If you don’t have your own book cover, we’ll assign you one at no cost. We’ll be sure to provide you with something enticing, but tasteful, so it can be used in your social media marketing efforts.

Royalties and Payouts

Royalties on Books Listed (But Not Published) With Us

At least one of our editors is going to proofread your book. Depending on the word count, this could take anywhere from half an hour (3,000 words), to 20 hours (150,000 words). Our proofreaders have to pay their bills, which means Black Lotus Books will pay your proofreader for their time.

Because we have to recoup this cost, authors not published with us, but who list their taboo eBooks for sale in our online bookstore, receive 50% royalties on their net sales, which is in line with the industry average. We should mention, Black Lotus Books authors receive anywhere from 50% to 90% of their eBook royalties, depending on their book contracts. If you’re a new, or self-published author, and you’re going through all the trouble to submit your book to a proofreader, correct errors, get a book cover, and get your book listed online, why not consider publishing your books with Black Lotus Books?

The Benefits of Publishing with Black Lotus Books

When you publish your book with us, we assign multiple editors to your manuscript to scour it for errors, ensuring your eBook is a true work of literary art. You’ll be assigned an ISBN, barcode, and best off all, the Black Lotus Books IMPRINT. We’ll handle formatting and converting your files, and distributing your books in digital and paperback form throughout global markets, as well as our Black Lotus Book store.

After your book is published with us, our marketing specialists will relentlessly promote your book. Depending on your publishing contract, you may receive up to 90% royalties on your net sales. You may even qualify for a book advance. For more information about publishing a book with Black Lotus Books, check out our publishing page.

How We Pay Indie Authors for eBook Sales

When you sell taboo eBooks in our store as an independent author, you’ll receive a monetary payout on the last day of each month. Your royalty payment will be sent to your PayPal email address. If you don’t already have one, we recommend signing up for a PayPal Business account. Not only are they one of the most trusted payment gateways in the world, small business owners can apply for business loans which don’t take your personal credit into account. You’re an author now. If you don’t already, it might help to think of yourself as an entrepreneur. Statistically speaking, entrepreneurs make a lot more money than hobbyists.

Along with your monthly payout, we’ll also email you an itemized breakdown of your eBook sales. We do ask that indie authors fill out a very basic consignment agreement, which protects both you and Black Lotus Books. We do not ask for your social security information or any other tax related information.

Sell Taboo eBooks with Us

How to Get Your Taboo eBook Listed

To get your taboo eBook(s) listed in our store, please email a .MOBI or .ePUB file to [email protected]. If you only have a .PDF, .DOC. or .DOCX file, we can take instead.

Along with your eBook, please include the following in formation in your email:

  • Your Author Name
  • Book Title
  • Series and Volume (if applicable)
  • Book Cover (if you have one you’d like to use)
  • Approximate Word Count
  • Genre (Taboo Romance, Taboo Erotica, Dark Fiction)
  • Applicable Sub-Genres or Category Tags (Paranormal, LGBTQ, BDSM, etc.)
  • Brief Description (Give us an idea of what we’re in for)
  • Feel free to include any other information about you or your book that you feel is pertinent.


We respond to all inquiries. If you don’t hear back from us soon, please check your spam folder. You may also contact us anytime, at [email protected].

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