Content Guidelines for Taboo Authors

Content Guidelines

Freedom of Speech

Black Lotus Books supports your human right to free speech. If you’re an American citizen, that right has been guaranteed to you by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.
We’re happy to publish and distribute your intellectual work, so long as it meets our content standards. Black Lotus Books is incorporated in the state of Wyoming, United States of America, and our content guidelines are well within the parameters of Wyoming state law.
The following are our content guidelines for taboo stories submitted to us for publication.


Prohibited Content

Black Lotus Books has zero tolerance for pedophilia. Any works of fiction depicting persons under the age of 18 engaging in sexual acts, including masturbation, will be rejected for publication.

You May Depict Minors When Appropriate

We understand that when telling a story, sometimes it’s necessary to include descriptions of minors.

Some examples might include: describing members of your character’s family, flashbacks to meaningful childhood experiences, or if your audience needs to understand why a woman might be lactating (clearly, she has an infant nearby).

If your inclusion of children is pertinent to the plot, we will except it. However, under no circumstances will we tolerate any depictions of minors engaging in sexual or explicit acts.

Claiming Characters Are Over 18 Is Not Enough

A disclaimer in the preface of your book or story that states all characters are at least 18 years of age or older is not enough. Black Lotus Books does not require such disclaimers, nor do we use them.

It should be absolutely understood that your characters are of age by your writing. We discourage sexual descriptions of ‘barely-legal’ teenagers. If your character is a recent high school grad on their way to college, and the stage is appropriately set for some sexual adventure; something inherent in modern life, we’ll allow it.

What we won’t allow is gratuitous use of such words as “teenager”, “teen”, or “teenage”, which are intended to stoke the arousal of ephebophiles; pedophiles who prefer children between the age of 15 and 17, and young adults under the age of 19. Again, if your character needs to be 18 or 19 years old to tell the story, we welcome your manuscript.

Age Difference Romance and Erotica

Black Lotus Books welcomes all romance and erotica where extreme age difference is the theme or included in the story. However, the youngest age of a character engaged in these relationships and encounters must be no less than 18 years of age.


Your Book Must Contain Taboo Material

There are plenty of avenues for authors of traditional romance, erotica, and fantasy. Black Lotus Books was created to provide a platform to authors of taboo literature. To be considered for publication with Black Lotus Books, your manuscript must at least partially contain taboo material.
Examples of taboo material include but are not limited to:
age differences (excluding pedophilia), anal sex, bestiality, blood or blood play, BDSM, breeding and pregnancy, cannibalism, choking, dubious consent or rape, exhibition and voyeurism, female ejaculation, foot fetish, furries, gratuitous gore, group sex, incest, infidelity, interracial sex, lactation, LGBTQ relationships and sex, masturbation, necrophilia, oral sex, sadomasochism, tentacles, water-sports and feces, and pretty much any miscellaneous fetish you can think of.
Essentially, any subject material that would get your manuscript rejected by nearly every traditional publisher is welcome!

Taboos Do Not Have to Be the Theme

If you have a romance, erotica, or dark fantasy that includes one or more of these topics now and again, then it constitutes as taboo. Taboo material does have to be the overlying theme of your book, although it can be if you choose.

Your Story Must Have Literary and Artistic Value

In order to comply with Wyoming state law, your material must have artistic or literary value. In other words, your work needs to bring something meaningful to the table. If you’re not sure if your book has artistic value, send it our way and we’ll let you know.

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